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                                            On the Hunt 7

         This was by far the worst pain fang had ever known. her arms were suspended from the cieling with chains, her legs pulled into a frogtie, with weights attached to her knees pulling them down. She sat on a wooden horse, a trianglular piece of carpentry, on whose top point Fang sat, with it digging into it her womanhood.  Drool dripped from the ballgag that invaded her mouth; the weights on her knees kept the wood painfully deep in her crotch, her vagina sitting parted over it.
       Ivy cracked the leather crop across Fang's ass once more, and she could feel another scar on her rear. "I promised you that I would make you my most loyal slave, and I am a woman of my word Fang."
     The starship had hit a little bit of a snag; fuel was low and clone Samus was forced to land it on a shady looking backwater planet to refuel. She didn't like the idea of having to stop on her way to mistress, especially carrying such precious cargo. She had no choice though.
     Samus was instructed (and thus programmed), to keep the mummified Juri in her lap and keep an eye on her bonds. Juri had finally stopped struggling for the time being, and she gave only a couple twitches and some grunts when she heard the instructions being given to Samus by her clone.
    Clone samus walked back to the cabin to check on the other captives, and found Tsunade, Taki, and Ada still tightly hogtied. Taki still struggled weakly, while Tsunade and Ada, both drenched in sweat, lay still, both tired and breathing hard. She knelt and gave Ada's feet a kiss on the soles, and a little tickle. She liked Ada's legs: long, slender, and cream colored. Clone Samus was almost inclined to keep Ada on the ship, just to have them available to play with whenever she wanted.
   Clone Samus walked down the boarding ramp and into the shady looking city clad in her zero suit. This place was dangerous, a city of bounty hunters and criminals. She would have to find some fuel cells and quick; this place was not the sort of place anyone unfamiliar wanted to be wandering around alone.
   After walking down a few streets with no leads as to where to find fuel for the ship, the huntress heard what sounded like gunfire in the distance. "Wonder what that could be..." Despite her better judgement, curiosity got the better of her. Clone Samus headed toward the source of the gunfire. Something told her she would find something she wanted there...
   Lightning, Fang, and Nami knelt on the floor of an underground chamber in tight ballties. IN front of each of them, was a chair, in which sat one of Ivy's maid servants. All three servants had removed one of their high heels and thigh highs, and had their foot in the mouth of one of the prisoners.
  Balltied as they were, the three slaves couldn't move their hads away. Lightning's face was twisted into a disgusted grimace, her eyes closed while she unwillingly sucked the servant's toes. Fang was making the most noise, struggling against her bonds while she made muffled curses between licks of a servant's soles. Nami grumbled every once in a while, trying to turn her head away from the foot she was being forced to kiss.
   The three girls traded distressed glances with one another, but there was another emotion in each girl's eyes. Determination and a silent promise, a pact not to break not to submit.  One day they would be free of this torment, and have their vengeance on Ivy Valentine.
   Clone Samus crept up to the docks and peered over a large steel crate to see what was causing the commotion. The first thing she laid eyes on were several men in suits, all wearing shades. They had guns, and were shooting at a lone figure on the other side of the pier. Upon closer inspection, the lone figure was female, a woman in her early twenties, with long brown hair tied back in a ponytail. She had tan skin, and a complicated tattoo on her right arm. She wore a tight fitting top that showed off her ample breasts as well as her toned stomach, and a pair of blue denim shorts that barely qualified as such, leaving little to the imagination. She wore combat boots on her feet and a gun harness around her torso.
   "Please, you sorry motherfuckers! This is too easy!" The woman shot down one suited man after another, easily dodging all incoming shots. The clone watched in amazement, astonished at the woman's powers of destruction.  "I... I must have her. That woman must be mine..." The clone could feel her heartrate quicken, and could sense her arousal growing as she watched the deadly beauty kill the final few men. "I'll take this one, she's not on the list. I take her and keep her for myself!"
   The woman blew the smoke frm the barrel of her silver pistol, holstering it and lighting a cigarette. "Too fuckin easy..." After a couple puffs on the cigaratte, she turned and walked away, toward a ship that was docked in the harbor.
  "She's a dangerous one... gotta be extra careful." Clone Samus ducked back behind the crate and began formulating a strategy.
She certainly is taking a long time out there, thought Samus as she sat in her chair, holding Juri in her lap.  Juri was grunting and squirming lightly, becomign uncomfortable in her tape mummification. It was warm, and being mummified this way made her sweaty and uncomfortable.
  Samus desperately wanted freedom from this collar. It controlled her actions, her body's very will. She tried to fight the urges, tried to make her hands reach up and rip the infernal thing off, but her arms remained out of her control, sticking to their new mistress's orders and holding on to Juri.  
  A long sigh and a moan eminated from behind Samus's gag, and Juri growled in response.
   The three prisoners had been seperated again. Nami sat on the lap of one of the maids. Her mouth was ballgagged, and her arms cuffed behind her. Her legs were held apart by a spreader bar, and the maid's fingers were in her vagina, firmly rubbing her.
   "Mmmph.. mm... mmph... mmn..." Nami grunted in forced pleasure with each rub. she had been forced to orgasm twice already, and was well on her way to a third. Drool dripped form her mouth onto her large breasts, and the rest of her body was moist with sweat.
   "Mnn.. mm...n.n.n....n...MMMMMMNNG....."
   Nami's body shook with a third orgasm, and the maid kept rubbing, her fingers playing with her vulnerable insides. Nami's vagina was dripping now, arousal filling the air with the smells of sex. Ivy walked in to the room casually, smirking.
  "So how is she doing?"
   "Very well mistress. This one cums hard, she's had three so far."
   "Good. After she's had a few more return her to the dungeon and take the next slave in line.
    "Mmn.. mgg.."
    "Yes mistress Ivy, as you wish."
      The tan woman finally exited the docked ship, heading into town. This was the huntress's chance to get her isolated and alone.
       Clone Samus followed her into the crowded street, keeping a safe distance as she shoved through the shady crowd. She had heard her talk to someone as she passed by, and found out her name was apparently 'Revy'. This Revy had quickly become an obsession of clone Samus. Her body demanded the sultry murderess, and she would have her no matter what.  
      Walking through the city streets, the clone spotted a narrow alleyway that branched off to the side, behind some buildings. This could serve her purpose perfectly, and she smirked at the thought. Darting down the alley, clone Samus dashed around a building and found herself in perfect position to cut Revy off when she turned onto a secluded side street.
    Sure enough, Revy turned the corner, inadvertently setting up her own capture.  Her boots crunshed the dirt road under her feet as she walked, casually smoking. She had no chance to dodge the paralyzing bolt that hit her in the chest.
   Clone Samus dragged revy into the alley, lustily tearing her harness and clothing from her body, almost drooling on her. She couldn't believe how excited she was, but she didn't care; soon Revy was naked. The clone Samus's eyes widened, her cheeks flushed and red. her hands ran over Revy's naked flesh, examning every muscle, every smooth surface and sexy curve. her nice wide hips, her ample breasts, her lovely face. The clone almost got so caught up in playing with her prize that she forgot about the next part of the plan.
   Clone Samus took out the roll of blue tape. She hungrily tore off strip after strip, pressing and smoothing them over Revy's lips, before wrapping a it all the way around her head. She laid a hard kiss upon her gag, before rolling her over. The imposter bounty huntress squeezed Revy's tight ass several times, giving it a spank as well. A devilish grin spread across her face while she wrapped tape around Revy's wrists. After wrapping her arms to her torso, the clone took revy's legs in her arms, crossing her ankles and taping them tightly together. She kissed Revy's soles, then laid her feet down and wrapped layer after layer of tape around revy's thighs.
   Satisfied that revy was secure for transport back to the ship, the clone suddenly remembered the original purpose of landing on this world to begin with; she needed fuel to get out of here!
    One more clothespin was attached to Fang's breast.
    She was shackled to a wall, spreadeagle, with a ballgag in her mouth. Eight clothespins now circled each of her breasts. The maids had arranged them in a spiral, the center startign with one pin clamped onto her nipple and the rest following in a pattern outward. Tears now streamed from Fang's eyes, as she growled and moaned in pain.
   The maid ignored it, her cries meaning nothing to them. The servant silently reached into her wicker basket and withdrew another clothespin, attaching it onto Fang's right breast and continuting the pattern. "Mmnn.. mm.. MM-HM-HM!" Fang rattled her shackles in angst and frustration, watching as the maid took another pin and, without pausing, silently clipped it into her left breast.
   Fang frenzied, blindly hoping that if she strained hard enough, a miracle would happen and her shackles would break. No such event occurred, naturally, and instead of freedom Fang felt the sting and pinch of a tenth clothespin on her right breast.  "If you think THIS is fun, wait til we get down... here..." The maid smirked and patted Fang's vagina. Fang glared down at her, tears still welling in her eyes. She didn't know how much more of this she could take. At this point she would do anything to have the pins removed, to not be hurt and tortured anymore. At the same time though, she could not shake her pride, pride that would not allow her to submit and be someone else's sex toy, at least not a willing sex toy.
    "Look at you, drooling like a dog. Disgusting!" The maid slapped Fang across the face, drool splashing off of her ballgag. Fang's eyes widened at such a direct insult, such a direct attack. The maid grinned and slapped her again. Slap after slap connected with Fang's cheek, each causing her to grunt in pain and embarrassment. After Fang's cheek had turned crimson from the attacks, the servant reached over and grabbed Fang's face, turning her head to face her.
    "You will obey mistress Ivy. Willingly or not, you are a toy now, and you will act like it!"
     The clone Samus walked back onto the ship and threw Revy to the floor. Samus watched, wondering who this woman could be and if she was on the list. Juri heard the return of her captor and immediately a stream of muffled cursed eminated from the layers of tape on her lips.
   Revy started to scream and curse in her tapegag as well, but the clone suddenly knelt down, straddling the captive on the floor. Clone Samus ripped the tape off of Revy's lips, and grabbed ger lips with her own. Revy's eyes widened, her cheeks flushed. Was... was this bitch kissing her!?
   After the initial shock wore off, Revy started wildly bucking, trying to get the clone off of her. The clone continued kissing revy's soft lips, shoving her tongue deep into Revy's mouth and sucking on her lips lustily. Samus looked on in confusion, Juri blind to the display but struggling and yelling all the same.
   Clone Samus yelped and brought her face away from Revy's. Samus saw that her lip was bleeding.
   "Ever lay a hand on me again and I swear I'll kill you. You are a dead bitch blondy!" Revy spat in her direction and starts rolling and thrashing on the floor. The clone watched her with desire in her eyes, before rolling Revy back over and reapplying several strips of tape on her lips.
   The room now filled with gagged screams, clone Samus tore the tape off of Revy's legs, and viciously spread them. Before the captive murderess knew what was happening, the clone Samus's fingers were deep inside her, and were alreayd rubbing her intensely. Revy kicked and screamed but clone Samus was well out of reach of her legs, holding Revy's face close to hers while she stroked her.
  Samus looked on, watching Revy get closer and closer to orgasm. She could see it in Revy's face, the resistance, the denial of her own bodily sensations. She could see the strain of Revy trying to stop herself from cumming, before angry resignation oassed over her and she closed her eyes. Revy's legs stopped kicking, and she turned to stare at Clone Samus. Murder was in her eyes. Not the frenzied rage that was in them before, but a quiet promise of retribution.
   IN a few minutes Revy had orgasmed, moaning into her gag, her toes and fingers twitching.
   "I didn't get the fuel, love. I'll be back soon!" The clone rebound Revy's legs and blindfolded her as well, leaving her rolling on the floor. Samus recieved instructions to keep an eye on her as well as Juri, before the clone exited the ship once more.
   It was late at night. fang still hung from the wall in the dungeon. Clothespins covered her breasts, and encircled her vagina. Above her hung a candle in a holder, that was tipped at a slight angle as it hung from the ceiling above her. Every so often the wax would drip off of it and land on her shoulder or breast, or somewhere in between.  Dried wax already was caked on her chest.
   Fang tried not to move. Any motion would shake the pins that dotted her body, and that was pain she frankly couldn't stand anymore. She couldn't help it though, the burning wax that plunked onto her skin every two minutes or so always caused a twitch of pain, sending her into a series of mitiful moans from the pinks pinching her skin.
   The heavy metal door to the room opened, and a maid walked in.
   "Mistress asks if you're ready to be taken down and to be a good slave now."
    Fang looked down and stared at the maid, defiance in her eyes despite the tears. The prisoner shook her head slowly.
    "Psh, fool. You will either submit to mistress Ivy, or be tortured until you're insane. The choice is yours bitch." The maid snapped her fingers and another maid walked into the room. "You, get this bitch a new candle, the wax is almost gone on that one." "Yes, m'am."
     Fang closed her eyes, steeling herself for a night of pain.
     Elsewhere in the dungeons, Lightning grunted into a panel gag. her nude body was hung from the ceiling by her hands and feet, which were shackled by long chains to the ceiling. Her wrists had been bound to her ankles, putting her in a sort of reverse hogtie. Lightning looked up at her hands and pathetically wiggled her feet a little. She was flexible and thus the position was only slightly uncomfortable for her, but she was becoming frustrated all the same. Ivy had had her brought down here and hung her up this way, then left her alone for what seemed like hours. ON top of all that, it was cold down here, and in this compromised poise Lightning could do nothing to warm herself.
     "Mmmmhhhh..." She sighed and closed her eyes, trying to relax. She wondered what was happening with the other girls, especially Fang. She hoped Ivy hadn't managed to break her yet, not before they could find a way to escape.
     That was easier said than done, though. At all times, LIghtning was nude, gagged, and in some way restrained. When not hung in some humiliating position, she was constantly under surveillance from multiple maid servants or Ivy herself. She was sure the same went for her fellow captives as well. Lightning's tactical mind had not given up though, there must be a weakness in this operation somewhere. One fo the maids would get careless, or Ivy would fall into a sense of security and relax her control on the girls just a little. That's all it would take, one slip up from her captor, and Lightning was patient enough to wait for it. Of course, it's not like she had any other choice.
   Lightning sighed again and closed her eyes tight, trying to perhaps find some rest.
   It had been surprisingly easy to find fuel cells in the crowded market of this criminal city. Clone Samus strolled back into the ship's cockpit after installing the new cells. "There, all set. Now it's back to mistress Ivy!"
   The real Samus sat in her seat, arms in her lap, forced to face forward. Juri had been taken back to the cabin and hogtied with the other captives. All except for Revy though.
   Revy sat in clone Samus's lap. With Samus's help, the huntress had managed to tie her ankles to the backs of her thighs, frogtying her. In this position, Revy was forced to straddle clone Samus's lap, facing her captor. As an extra precaution, and to prevent as much movement as possible, Revy's hands (encased in a leather arm binder), were attached to her ankles by two short ropes, one extending to each ankle. Clone Samus smiled every time she looked at the captive in her lap, glaring into her eyes with murderous intent. No simple ballgag or bitgag would be good enough for Revy, no. She had to be truly humiliated, and clone Samus had figured out just the thing: A long, phallic shaped toy had been shoved into Revy's mouth, nice and deep. A mass of blue tape sealed her lips around it, preventing Revy from spitting it out.
   Furious, but knowing there was no way to escape from her bonds, Revy sat still and stared into the clone's eyes, putting as much malice into her eyes as possible.
   "I like you a lot Revy. I think I'd like to meet my other favorite, Lightning.. maybe I can borrow her back from mistress and play with both of you at once!"
    "Phhk ymmph."
   "Yeah, yeah. Quite the sailor mouth you have there kitten."
  The ship took off and headed back en route towards Ivy's mansion.
Thought I might as well throw this up here. The story's going to be getting deeper and deeper soon, so why not throw up all that I have?
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ForestWolfDragon Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
LOL, I keep waiting for the clone Samus to make a mistake and one time forget to give a command to the Real Samus lol. Or that one of the captives actually get free lol.
bondagelit Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2012
hee hee she has a lot to keep track of
ForestWolfDragon Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Exactly, I'm waiting for a slip-up ;)
bondagelit Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2012
heh perhaps
Jack-Inqu13 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
So the clone does have wants and desires of her own, outside of her mistress' orders. Interesting.

Things are getting worse for the captives; I wonder if any of them will break.
bondagelit Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2012
I do too, only time and my perverted imagination will tell.
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